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Our 12 Member World Class Advisory Board  
Professor Brannon Beliso
Professor Beliso is an innovator and leader of the service based movement in the martial arts industry. Professor Brannon’s passion, purpose, and vision is about affecting change in our industry through service and culture based practices.
Melody Schuman
Melody Shuman has over 20 years of experience researching childhood development . Through the years she has re-defined the children’s martial arts market with innovative age-specific curriculums and drills known as SKILLZ, which are currently operating in hundreds of martial arts schools around the world.
Greg Horton
Owner of 7 successful schools and leader of the Mastery coaching program, Mr. Horton is quickly becoming know for outstanding staff training program.   
Duane Spires
Duane Spires, a national motivational speaker and the CEO of Extreme Youth Sports (EYS) in Tampa hosts after school programs and summer camps that teach children ages five and up how to become leaders
GM Bill Clark
A true legend in the martial arts community, GM Clarks accomplishments are too numerous to mention, let's just say we're very,very lucky to have access to his experience and knowledge.
Roland Osborne
Founder of Hyper Pro Training, innovator and world traveler, Mr. Osborne is true asset to our martial arts community.
Melodee Meyer
Founder of KUT fitness Kickboxing and Martial Arts Family Fitness in Santa Barbara Calif.
Randy Holemen
One School, 1000 students. Not many people have hit that mark in our profession, Mr. Holeman has accomplished this through his innovate business systems and programs.

John Bussard
Owner of 12 schools in the Washington DC area, he has been a leader in the martial arts profession for many years.
Korbett Miller
Authour of De-Myhtfy and Quit window this  Seattle based school owner is a proven expert on school business systems.
Ric Martin
Owner of two 10,000 sq. ft schools in the Clearwater area of Florida, Mr. Martin is one of the top school owners in the country.

Jeff Quirk
400+students in a small Wisconsin city, Mr. Quirk is 
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